ChicFreakZ FAQs for You!

If you have a question about our store and policies check here, guaranteed you will find it. If not just drop us a message.


How can I purchase a gift voucher?

At this time we do not offer gift cards but will be in the near future.

Why have I received an email saying the item I've ordered is out of stock?

Normally this doesn't happen, in the event that it does please contact us right away so we can find a quick and efficient solution.

Where did ChicFreakZ Boutique come from?

ChicFreakZ is the fruition of a life long dream, created by Bella Badcock of SurrealWorld Art & Photography to fulfill her desire to become a fashion designer. From ChicFreakZ online, Bella plans to expand her range of design to include her own yummy handcrafted clothing designs.

Can you tell me where ChicFreakZ products come from?

Because we are, at this point, solely online we create our products through secondary providers. Our current product partners are, Art Of Where, Printful, W.C Fulfillment and Spocket.

Who creates ChicFreakZ designs?

Currently owner and founder Bella Badcock designs the full range of her current collections. She uses her eye for photography, her pencil drawings and photo editing and manipulation to create the art you see featured on ChicFreakZ apparel today. Prime examples of Bella's work would be SkullSmack and Galactica.

Check out her work SurrealWorld Art & Photography on Instagram, or Facebook.

Do you offer a wholesale discount for bulk buying?

Not at this time, but we are hoping to upgrade in the near future.

Where can I find your size guide?

Each product contains it's own size guide for your shopping convenience.


Why is the website product code different to my delivery note?

If you discover your order receipt has different product codes, don't panic. Our products are manufactured and shipped by partner companies; this means that our codes are unique to our online store database, while their codes are unique to their warehouse/manufacturer database. Therefore, their codes are used at time of shipping and production.

I've forgotten my account password, how do I reset it?

Fear not, if you have forgotten your password simply select the accounts icon in the upper right-hand corner. Beneath the login prompt, select the "forgot your password" prompt. You will be asked to provide your email, after which you will be sen an email link to reset your password.

If you do not see our reset email in your primary email box, check your spam folder. Be sure to add ChicFreakZ to your trusted email accounts.

*For security reasons we do not re-issue existing passwords to our customers.

How can I make changes to the details on my account?

Need to change or update your address, no prob. In the upper right-hand corner of your screen select the accounts icon, login if necessary. On the right-hand side of the screen, select "Account Details". Once selected you can edit your address as needed.

Why aren't I receiving emails or newsletters from you?

If you have signed up for emails and newsletters from our awesome shop, and you haven't seen any in your inbox, there may be a couple reasons why.

1. If you have just signed up you may need to check your spam, if our emails are going in your spam, simply select ChicFreakZ in your emails and add to primary inbox.

2. Could your email be misspelled?

3. If 1 and 2 don't apply, contact us, it may be a technical issue on our end.

Payments and Overcharges

What payment methods can I use to pay for my order?

ChicFreakZ offers Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Shopify Pay, and most major credit cards.

How do I pay using Apple pay?

Apple Pay lets customers pay easily and securely through our online store. With Apple Pay, our customers can check out by using Safari, or other browsers on their iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Apple Pay offers an accelerated checkout process. When a customer pays for their order using Apple Pay, they don't need to manually enter their credit card information or shipping address. The customer taps the Apple Pay button, scans their fingerprint, and Apple Pay provides the information to the payment provider.

What should I do if I’ve been overcharged for my order?

If you've discovered you have been overcharged, contact us right away. Before a refund can be issued, we will need to examine your order history to determine where the error occurred. Once we have tracked down the error we will refund the oversight/error, should it be on our end. Please keep in mined that alternative payment options, such as Paypal, charge their own additional fees. Paypal, for example, charges an additional currency conversion rate which can range from $5-$10 depending on your region.

If you have paid with your credit card, a refund will be issued to that card. In certain instances, such as a disputed charge, you will need to contact your bank or card issuer to begin an inquiry on their end. This, of course, is in the interest of your security. Once they have determined where the disputed charge originated, if it is us or not, either they or we will refund you. Again, there may be additional fees in this instance called chargeback fees depending on your bank.

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How do I use PayPal as a payment method for my order?

It's Easy, select Paypal at checkout and follow the normal prompts to sign into your Paypal account. Once you have signed in you will be redirected back to our page to complete checkout.

What is your return policy?

We accept returns with 30 days of purchase with receipt. Items that have been worn will not be accepted, items such as underwear, swimwear or sport tops cannot be returned due to hygiene issues. For more on returns, please see out returns policy page.

Where does ChicFreakZ ship to?

Thanks to Shopify and our product partners we are able to ship globally and offer the best deals for shipping, such as free shipping on orders over $100!

*please allow adequate shipping times for areas outside of North America.

  • Mon-Fri 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM